Choose the Realtor with relevant, personal experience.  It's an obvious choice and important to your family's successful relocation.

It is my MISSION and PASSION to serve YOUR real estate needs!!

If you need heart surgery, do you go to a foot doctor?  NO!  If you're moving your family to a new community, do you use a Realtor with NO PERSONAL experience moving to a new city - OF COURSE NOT! 

I've been helping relocate families like yours and individuals like you for OVER 20 YEARS!  I WILL take care of your family's needs.  I KNOW what you're going through.  I know all of the factors involved in this decision.  Good schools, outside activities, a nice neighborhood, close to amenities, churches, resale considerations,....etc. and etc.

In prior corporate careers, I WAS a relocating/transferring employee.  I've done what you're doing and know what you're feeling RIGHT NOW!  I know how to serve YOUR family's needs in this move.