Keith Nutter

Sales Associate

Ford Motor Employess

Welcome to Louisville.  The investments in the two Ford plant facilities IS going to create some movement of employees to or from Louisville, Kentucky.  I have worked with YOUR FELLOW WORKERS for over 23 years in the Louisville market and want to help with YOUR move.

You'll need to understand our various communities, neighborhoods, home values, schools, amenities, and much more.  I'm here to help make your transition quick and smooth.  You'll find Louisville a great place to live for ALL of your family members.

You can call me to talk about the area, housing, schools, or any other subject.  I know moving to a new city is emotional and even a bit scary.  I'm here to help you resolve those uncertainties.  

If you are going to relocate to the Louisville area with Ford Motor Company, please click on the link below.  Give me your contact information and let me know about any topics we need to discuss immediately.


I'm Coming To Louisville With Ford Motor Company - Contact Me!