Hey...I Want The Refrigerator Too


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What do you include in your negotiations when you're trying to buy a home?  The answer should follow the K.I.S.S. theory  - Keep It Simple Stupid.   

You're trying to buy a home, NOT the Seller's personal stuff.  Remember, selling and buying a home is an INTENSELY personal experience - don't complicate it by negotiating for somebody's personal belongings.


It's a lot easier to complete a successful negotiation when you're negotiating on ONLY a few factors.  In reality, it should only come down to price, condition, and possession.    You've got to ask yourself if you want the house or their stuff.  If it's "stuff" you want, go to a yard sale.


Just so you'll know, in the Louisville area, it's customary for any built-in appliances to remain with the home for the new Buyer.  That does NOT include the refrigerator, washer, or dryer.  Most people consider a stove "built-in" and it stays - except for one particular client in my past.  Ever since him, I've always specifically mentioned the stove as staying just to be safe.


Of course, in my parting comments, I'll admit if I were talking to my Selling clients right now, I'd tell them "don't lose an otherwise good deal over a refrigerator."


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