Contracts...Hey! They're Binding


Save TIME...reduce STRESS! 



Some people may feel this subject is overly obvious - others may feel insulted.  Trust me, I would not have taken the time to write this if I didn't feel the need to remind everyone...


...When you enter into a contract for the purchase or sale of real estate, it is a BINDING instrument.  That means all parties are required to adhere to and perform their obligations under the contract in all good faith


I can't believe that I've been asked these questions in the past, but there no "I changed my mind clause" in a contract.  Additionally, there is  NOT a 3-day rescission period.   


When you and I work together, the contract will be explained to you in GREAT detail.  You will understand exactly what your rights are under the contract, as well as your obligations.


Some of the specific areas we will cover include:


  • The price,
  • Property included in the sale,
  • The financing requirements and contingencies,
  • Appraisals,
  • Possession (this is SO important),
  • The closing date,
  • Inspection rights and obligations,
  • A variety of other items.


I've been through this process HUNDREDS of times.  I take great pride in making sure my clients understand the process.  There are no "surprises" for my clients.  I will make sure your transaction progresses in a smooth and informed manner.   


I will guide you through this process and help you SAVE TIME and MONEY, as well as ELIMINATE STRESS and AVOID LEGAL PROBLEMS.


IF, however, you decide to violate a contract, I can't help you with that.  I will simply advise you to "get a lawyer."


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