First Time Buyers...Or ANY Buyer Can Benefit From This


First Time Buyers (or ANY Buyer) Should Read This!



Buyers are a lot of fun to deal with!  Finding a home is exciting and rewarding.  Let's discuss the process you'll go through...


First, get pre-qualified with a lender.  We (you and I) need to know EXACTLY what you can buy and if there are any factors in our way (bad credit, not enough savings available, etc.).  We can get around some of the previously mentioned factors - some we can't. If you need a great mortgage person, I can recommend one to you.  Go wherever you like - just pick a local person.  An internet guy who can't back up his promises and who is located on the other side of the country doesn't do us any good - GO LOCAL with your choice of lender. 


Once we know HOW MUCH you can buy, we need to discuss your wants and needs.  I'll supply you a steady stream of listing information for you to review.  As you find homes of interest, we'll go over them and filter them down - it's highly likely I'll be able to supply you various "off-line" information that may help you eliminate some of your initial selections.  


Next step - we go look at the homes you choose (sometimes, I will make some choices for you).  You've got to stick your nose in the doors to figure out what you really want.  What looks good on paper many times doesn't once you actually set foot in it.  Realtors don't take pictures of the bad stuff - you will discover that as we see the homes. 


Looking at homes is a lesson in humanity.  We'll see some AMAZING stuff...stuff we're going to laugh about for a LONG time.  Plus, I need to observe your reactions to help "zero in" on getting you to the right property. 


When the "right one" comes along, it will be obvious to us all.   From there, here's a shortened version of what needs to happen:


  • Successfully get the home under contract (with all of the protections and contingencies you need).
  • Do all inspections necessary - general, termite, septic, radon, environmental, structural, etc.
  • Negotiate any repairs necessary.
  • Continue the mortgage loan process.
  • Arrange for a closing attorney.
  • Arrange the transfer of utilities.
  • Arrange your move.
  • Panic (just kidding) - I want to see if you're still paying attention?
  • Arrange the closing date and the funds you need.


The above is just a PARTIAL list of things we have to do - I've left out DOZENS of other items that must be coordinated or worked into this process.  I promise to explain EVERYTHING to you as we go. 


Sounds pretty's really not when you deal with an experienced Realtor. 


Buying is a great time to use me as your Realtor.   I've helped people buy and sell hundreds of homes - over $100,000,000 worth.  I've been doing this full time for over 20 years and I'm REALLY good at it.   



Here's something pretty cool for you - YOU get my help in this process for FREE.  Say it again, my experience is FREE, FREE, FREE to you!  My compensation comes from the Seller in almost every case but my loyalties and service are ONLY TO YOU ? That's called Buyer's Agency and that's what I do for my Buying Clients. 



Bottom line, this is an exciting process but full of potential to make big mistakes.  I can help you avoid them.  I'll protect you.


Now it's time for you to take the first step and contact me - just click below and give me some information.  Even simpler, CALL ME ! if you don't get me right away, leave a message and I'll call you back.


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