First Impressions Of Your Home


Save TIME...reduce STRESS! 



As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression.  First impressions are incredibly important to the sale of your home.  In my experience, a Buyer will know whether your home is "the one" within 60 seconds after entering the door.  It doesn't take long for a home to "light a Buyer up" - or NOT!!    


A bad first impression weighs in as deeply as a good one.  I can't tell you how many Buyers leave your home and all they talk about is the lawn, your housekeeping, your art work, the dirty dishes in your sink, that special cat pee smell, etc.  All of these things were correctable and avoidable - so why didn't you take care of them in the first place?   


Make your home look like the house YOU would spend your hard-earned money on.  Being objective is TERRIBLY difficult for you to do.  All you know is YOUR home and YOUR tastes.  I have dealt with hundreds of buyers and see hundreds of homes each year.  I can help you make these assessments.


The bottom line is, the Buyer for your home isn't going to accept any less quality that you yourself will. 


What happens if you don't do the above - it's going to cost you money, potentially LOTS of it.  If the Buyers have to correct the deficiencies of YOUR home, they're going to reduce your asking price by 3 times (OR MORE) the true cost to effect the change.  After all, they expect to be paid for correcting YOUR mess!


I can help you with an objective opinion of your home, its' positive points, and its' shortfalls.  I know what the Buyers WILL pay for and that they WON'T pay for.


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