Downsizing - Life Can Be Easier


Downsizing - an easier life! 



Here's a really unique idea - take a minute to truly assess your housing needs.  REALLY think about this.  Are your kids gone?  Is the house too big to take care of?  Would you like a vacation home instead?  Are you maintaining your huge home simply for status purposes?


A number of years ago, I went through this personal revelation.  I read that the average person in America works until May 13 of each year (on average - regardless of how much you make) to pay their taxes.  I figured on top of that, I was working until the end of October just to pay the bank for the debt I had. That means I was busting my behind all year just to get the benefit of the last two months for myself.  Maybe you don't agree with this analogy, but to me it is VERY VALID...I was spending a lot of my year working for other people.


I decided to change that.  Our house was WAY bigger than we needed.   I sold that house and bought a wonderful home in a less "fashionable" neighborhood and I've been happily there ever since.  The result for my life has been less stress, more happiness, more freedom from financial calamity (or potential calamity), and a better overall lifestyle.


That's what down-sizing can do for you!!   With the changes in the tax laws of a few years back, you can unlock hundreds of thousands of dollars from your home on a tax free basis.  It is likely you will pay NO TAXES on the sale of your personal home.  Buy a smaller home and put the rest of your equity in your pocket. 


There are lots of life-improving possibilities out there if the time and situation is right for you.  If you need someone to speak with, I'll be happy to lend an informed and personally experienced ear.


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