You NEED A Buyer's Agent


Save TIME...reduce STRESS!




There's a 95% chance that the sale of a home will involve TWO Realtors.  The first one is the listing Realtor - he's the guy who has his sign in the yard and who has a CONTRACTUAL, LEGAL obligation to represent the Seller's best interest.    HEY Buyers - that person is NOT on your side!!


As a Buyer, if you go directly to the Seller's agent to negotiate your sale, you're making a mistake.  Some Buyers think they're going to negotiate a better deal without their own agent - getting some of the Listing Agents commission, in effect, applied to a price reduction.  You might think you're going to "get a better deal" but they're going to laugh at you all the way to the bank.  You're not going to get any of his/her commission. 


You need your own agent - one who will function as a Buyer's Agency.  This Buyer's Agent is there to look after YOUR best interests at ALL times. They get paid from the Seller's net proceeds so is essence, you get an agent and representation for free. 


Let me say that again...They represent your interests (better than you can yourself) and it's FREE to you.  What a GREAT deal for you!!  


Here are my qualifications to be YOUR Buyer's Agent.  In my 20+ year real estate career, I've sold hundreds of homes exceeding $100,000,000 in value.  This is not a part-time thing I do, I devote myself to it every day.  I know what I'm doing - I'm good at it.


Call me to get started.  I'm clear and concise about the process and what we have to do to protect your interests.


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